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One Special Day...

Deserves the Very Best!

Photo By: Yasmin Khajavi

YOUR WEDDING - Elegant & Fun!

No Hidden Costs

Your wedding day is the start of a brand new journey, a celebration of love that deserves to be perfect in every way. And that's where I come in! With over 30 years of experience, I understand that every wedding is unique, which is why I'm here to help you create a day that's tailored to your every wish. Whether you want a formal affair or a non-stop party, I have the skills and expertise to deliver the wedding of your dreams. So let's work together to create a truly unforgettable experience that you and your guests will cherish forever!
My packages are transparent and tailored to your preferences - no hidden costs or unnecessary extras. I take the time to really understand your vision for the big day, and work with you to make it a reality. With my 100% personalized service, you can be confident that every detail is taken care of. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I'll go above and beyond to make sure your wedding is a huge success. Trust me to bring your dream wedding to life!
Summer Celebrations!  Let's make yours one to remember!

Wedding Consultations

Let's chat before you book my DJ services. It's a great opportunity for us to connect on a personal level, and that's something I value highly. Building relationships with my clients is crucial in delivering exceptional entertainment.

During our meeting, we'll discuss your vision for the event and your specific goals for my DJ service. I'll listen carefully to your needs and offer expert suggestions to help us achieve those goals. It's a laid-back and enjoyable experience that will leave you feeling confident and excited about your special day.



  • Goals/Expectations for your receptions.
  • Previous wedding experiences.
  • Desired moods (Fun, Classy, Modern, Upbeat, Elegant).
  • Desired music.
  • Online Planning & Music App (What is it, How Does it Work)
  • Expectations you have for your DJ.
  • Packages, Prices, & Options
Music & Planning App

Plan your Wedding Music with your own

Mobile App

  • Add your favorite music,

  • Manage the day-of schedule,

  • Share w friends and family.

  • Plan out all your production details.

Made with 

Contact me today to set up your FREE no-obligation wedding consultation.   I’ll do my best to find a local Starbucks or a convenient location near you.   I'm also available for Facetime or Zoom call.   I look forward to chatting with you.

Wedding & Reception

MC your event - Make announcements, Guide People/Guests, Coordinate w/ other vendors. I am professional, clear sounding and informative on the mic, nothing more, nothing less.  Below is what I typically do at many of my Wedding Receptions:


  • Cocktail Hour - I’ll play a soothing mix of cocktail music of your choice.  Modern, Jazzy, Classical, Whatever you wish!  Is your cocktail hour outside, or in a different room?  No worries, I’ll bring a second sound system for that.
  • Introduction of the Bride & Groom or the Entire Bridal Party - Formally and Professionally introducing you and your bridal party into the wedding reception – It’s each of your 30 seconds of fame.  Choose the perfect bridal party introduction song to fit perfectly with the mood and setting.
  • Toasts and Announcements - Time to settle the guests and center their attention! The wireless microphone is always available for anyone to speak!
  • Dinner Hour - Again, I’ll play a customized and personalized mix of reception music of your choice.  Want to add extra lighting and effects to make your dinner hour extra special and romantic – see the uplighting systems available.
  • Transition Time - This is the time when you hear the guests get a little less quiet.  I start to play “Transition Music” . . . that stuff that will start to make people tap their feet and dance in their chairs.
  • First Dances - Bride and Groom Dance – This is your special moment on the dance floor followed by Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance and sometimes a Bridal Party Dance.  Sometimes I will plan to do your Bride and Groom First Dance before the dinner, just after bridal party introductions.
  • Open Dancing - Usually starting off with general music for all ages, slowly working towards the “younger” stuff at the end of the night.  Don’t forget about the Slow sets too.  Your music will be customized to fit you and your guests! Customize your own playlist via my online music library.
  • Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Garter Tosses - Traditional wedding activities we strategically fit into the evening’s time line.  A good time for your guests to catch their breath, a bouquet or a drink at the bar!
  • Other Activities - I will assist and/or coordinate other activities such as the Money / Honeymoon Dance, Anniversary Dance, Gift Giveaways, Centerpiece Giveaways, The Shoe Game, Etc.  For each, we will customize the right music that is appropriate for each activity. Don’t worry though, the above is simply a general outline of some of the many traditional activities.  During our Detailed Planning Meeting, I will cater and custom your entire night to be 100% to your liking!

Ceremony Music

I can provide powered speakers, music, and wireless microphones for your ceremony so that guests will clearly hear every emotional word. I can work with you ahead of time to create a pre-ceremony concert your guests will love!

Custom Monogram

Personal Monogram for your wedding day, add your own personal stamp to your special event. Together, we can create a monogram or template (or use an existing design) & use it to light your conference, dance floor, fashion show or family gathering. Monogram lighting is the perfect way to add an elegant impact to any room.

DJ Booth & Sound System

Our look, our style! We use high-quality sound equipment to bring the best experience to your dance floor.  If your venue has a unique layout which will separate some of the guests from the main room, a 3rd and sometimes 4th speaker can be great options. I can place a speaker on a patio, in a foyer, or wherever needed to keep all the guests connected to the party. Whether it’s just for cocktails, or the entire evening, I can do most anything with our sound.


I provide 6, 12 or 16+ lights throughout your room, glowing upward and customized to your desired color. Each light is programmable to hundreds of different colors and shades and will provide an amazing ambient glow. This option is perfect for adding an elegant touch to any room, highlighting your head table, or changing the appearance of a bland white ballroom. Spot Light for your Cake is available.

Dry Ice Machine

Excellent for your First Dance or other special Event.  The fog effect lasting approximately 3-5 min. The machine creates a 12” to 18” thick blanket of pure white clouds covering the dance floor. The effect is beautiful. The photos you’ll have of your first dance on a cloud will be absolutely amazing! The Dry Ice will not set off fire alarms. Video Link

Cornhole/Jenga/Connect 4

Rentals Available!!


We have special black and white bean bags/connect pieces that are perfect for your rehearsal or wedding! Other colors available,



Email for pricing details & Combo pack.



We also are able to deliver/set up/pick-up the games to your location for an added charge depending on the distance.

Slide Show

Image by Arūnas Naujokas
Want to show your photo montage at the reception? Do it with style and make an impact with my projector and screen display. I provide a 4000 lumen LCD projector, giant screen with front or rear projection surfaces, This option is great for larger groups of 100 or more and most ballrooms. Screen and projector are available separately as well.

Ask about our DJ Booth Slide Show Option!

Dance Floor Lighting

Let there be LIGHT!

Every DJ package includes dance floor lighting. We want to create a fun and festive party atmosphere for you and your guests.


If your looking for a truly club-like experience, we can create stunning visuals and lighting effects with both standard and computer controlled intelligent lighting fixtures.


Let us design a package that fits the theme of your event and work within the confines of the venue and your budget. Let us take your party to the next level.

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