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Wall Gobo
We make your Ballroom POP!

Event Lighting

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  • Up-Lighting

  • Texture Lighting

  • Animated /Monograms

  • Dance floor Lighting

  • Other Custom Options



Let's illuminate your event to the next level!
We offer top-notch professional lighting that will bring your event to life. Using the latest in cutting-edge LED lighting technology, our lighting solutions are energy-efficient, ensuring the comfort and safety of your guests while saving you money. With the ability to update colors and lighting schemes, we can create a dynamic atmosphere that will keep your guests on their feet. Our elegant uplighting options come in hundreds of colors, making it the most cost-effective way to brighten up your event space. From illuminating walls, columns, and trees to creating a unique ambiance, our lighting will make your vision a glowing reality. Let CD Productions light up your event with excitement and sophistication!



Wedding Area Lighting / Uplighting

Get ready to light up your event with CD Productions! We bring you the latest and greatest technology with our wireless LED Uplights, creating a clean and sleek look that will impress your guests. Our impressive battery-powered uplights can ensure that your event will shine all night long. With RGBWA+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, and UV), the color options are endless, allowing you to achieve your dream color scheme. Plus, our wireless control feature lets us change the color or program with just a push of a button on an iPad. Let CD Productions elevate your event with stunning and customizable lighting. Contact us for more information!




Monogram / Gobo Lighting

Monogram or “gobo” lighting gives you the chance to place your personal stamp on your special event. Together, we can create a monogram or template (or use an existing design) and use it to light your conference, dance floor, fashion show or family gathering. Monogram lighting is the perfect way to add impact to any room or any event. Talk to CD Productions today about the perfect monogram for your next event. Click here to see some of our many samples.

Animated Monograms

Custom Animated Monogram

One of the latest trends in monogram projection, these animated designs add a unique aspect to your design.

Advanced animated design available for additional fee.

Pin Spotting


If you have something small and significant that you want to highlight – your wedding cake, company signage or guest book area, for example – then pin spotting is the way to go. Pin spotting uses narrow beams of light to showcase important items and areas. It creates a sophisticated look and feel for special events of any size, and CD Productions offers a variety of options and styles for pin spotting lighting.

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