Virtual Dance Parties

Interactive DJ's, Great Music, Happy People!

Virtual Dance Parties are an amazing option for graduation events, birthday celebrations, fundraising galas, school dances and so much more. Let’s not let shelter-in-place orders keep us from celebrating with our communities!

$100 - $200 

(Sliding Scale)

Happy Hour

After Hours 

  • ✓ One live Interactive DJ

  • ✓ Up to 20 participants

  • ✓ Up to one-hour event length

  • ✓ Curated music

Virtual Dance Party

$250 - $500 

(Sliding Scale)

  •  Two rotating Interactive DJs

  • ✓ Up to 100 participants

  • ✓ Up to two hours event length

  • ✓ Curated music

  • ✓ Event MCing

  • ✓ Event Planning and Production

  • ✓ Curated activities

  • ✓ Zoom Hosting

Custom Virtual Event

  • Customize your own Event

  • Up to 500 participants

  • ✓ Up to four hours event length

  • ✓ Break out room activities

  • ✓ Curated music

  • ✓ Event MCing

  • ✓ Event Planning and Production

  • ✓ Technical Oversight

  • ✓ Zoom Hosting

Price varies

Contact Chad for Party Date Availability & Booking

Tips for a successfull Virtual Dance Party

Setup for Participants

Minimum Setup:

  1. Download Zoom on your preferred device (mobile or laptop)

  2. Join the meeting via a link from the organizer

  3. DANCE 🕺💃

If you want to be able to see everyone at the same time, click the “Gallery View” button in the upper right-hand corner in Zoom, which will allow you to see up to 40 video streams simultaneously. Only available on desktop/laptop.

For Best Results

Dance is normally about being in your body, in the moment, with others. If you really want to feel the juicier parts of dancing remotely (at least as best as we can), take some care for your setup and do something like the following suggestions:

🔊 Use good speakers!

Laptop and phone speakers usually don’t immerse you in the sound. If you can, find a good speaker beforehand and crank the volume.

📺 Use a big screen for the video!

Staring at a tiny screen will focus your attention and probably take you out of your body a bit. If you want to feel the movement with others, try to find a big screen to see them on. Have a projector? AWESOME. Maybe a TV with Chromecast or AirPlay you can send the video to? GREAT.

✨ Pimp your space

Props, costumes, lights, etc etc etc. Dancing through a screen is not the same as dancing alongside someone. Introducing another creative element can be super entertaining. Everybody LOVES a THEME!

🔌 Plug in your computer to ethernet!

These applications reduce video and audio quality if you have a weak connection. Plug your computer in if you can for the best quality, or make sure you’re somewhere with really good wifi.

Once your Virtual Dance Party is booked. Your party host, DJ Chaddo will email you a link to join and share so you can invite all of your party guests. Guests will be able to join 5 minutes prior to the start of the party.

Let's Rock!!